NameCity States: Artisan Series Talos
EAN / ISBN5213009017527
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"The Scholae of the City States do not know what to make of the Talos, who run counter to most things they know of the Titans. From time to time these towering warriors appear before a City State and take upon themselves the role of protector to the City and its citizens. Eschewing the sorcerous talents of their reclusive Promethean and Hephaestian cousins, the Talos relies on a hoplon (shield) and kopis (sword) to dispatch his foes with ruthless efficiency. Their role and purpose within Titan society is poorly understood and early speculation that they might be banished or exiled has been belied by the readiness of their Promethean and Hephaestian kin to follow their lead in battle. Tireless and almost impossible to kill, these giant warriors have served their City States as guardians for centuries, leading to a close bond of camaraderie and friendship with the armed forces of each city as they all share the burden of its protection. More loquacious than their kin as a result, what secrets they may have shared with their fellow defenders have remained closely guarded for none wish to betray such stalwart allies. HOW THEY PLAY - Unlike their Titan brethren, the Talos function as tactical coordinators, bridging the gap between humans and giants. Although not spellcasters themselves, much of their power comes from the ability of their mechanical bodies to resonate with the spellcasting of mechanists and Titans. Whether serving as stout defenders of strategic points or dedicated frontline combatants, the Talos provide a new layer of tactical flexibility between Titans and frontline soldiers."


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