NameAchtung! Cthulhu 2d20 - D-Day: The Darkest Day
EAN / ISBN9781802810721
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D-Day: The Darkest Day

Liberate Europe from the Hellish Hordes!

It is the spring of 1944 and after five years labouring under the yoke of oppression, Europe yearns for liberation. A vast Allied army of personnel and machines is assembled on the south coast of Britain ready to launch the greatest sea and airborne invasion in history.

But the forces of the Axis occult, Black Sun and Nachtwölfe, are not ready to give up their ill-gotten gains so easily and lurk behind the mighty defences of the Atlantic Wall ready to sow terror and confusion to repel the invading Allies. The battle to liberate Europe from their occult menace is about to be joined!

Inside this combined guide and campaign book, you’ll find everything you need to run D-Day missions and campaigns in the thrilling pulp world of Achtung! Cthulhu!

A comprehensive guide contains both conventional and secret weapons, tools and equipment employed by both sides in the struggle for Normandy with signature vehicles like Hobart’s Funnies and a brand new selection of bio-tech creatures, including the mighty Leviathan, spawn of the deadly Deep Ones!

Next, take on an epic three-part, 12 episode campaign which can be played continuously or run as individual missions. Pre-Invasion you’ll report for duty in France, on the home front and with an excursion to the Channel Islands. Down with the Deep Ones is a continuous four episode arc that sees your agents journey beneath the waves to join Cthulhu’s children in the battle for an alien undersea city.

Finally, you’ll face The Darkest Day, six loosely linked missions as Nachtwölfe deploys all its technological might to thwart the invasion under the helm of Professor Kraft Heimberg. Meanwhile, Black Sun Prior Albrecht Lohmann plots to unleash a hellish horde from the Dreamlands to stop the invasion dead in its tracks!

The full-colour, 208-page, softcover D-Day: The Darkest Day features:
? Complete guide to D-Day with new weapons, vehicles, and creatures
? An epic three-part, 12 mission campaign which can be run continuously or as one-off episodes
? A wealth of original art, maps and handouts brings this huge campaign to life
? Can you thwart the combined might of Nachtwölfe and Black Sun to ensure Operation Overlord’s success?
? In remembrance, a portion of this book’s profits will be donated to D-Day veterans’ charities Requires the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 core books to run.


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