NameWOIN Starter Box Set (What's OLD is NEW Roleplaying System)
EAN / ISBN5070000698434
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What’s OLD is NEW (WOIN) is a genre-mashing, time-bending tabletop roleplaying game of fun, excitement, and adventure. You can play in multiple genres such as medieval fantasy, explosive modern action, or futuristic science fiction–or you can mix and match them and put your wizard on a starship!

What’s OLD is NEW, was first released in 2016 and this new Starter Box is perfect for those unfamiliar with the game, or for existing GMs looking to introduce players to the system. It features d6 dice pools,a flexible magic system, and much more, with fully compatible rules tailored to each genre of play.

The Starter Box includes:

? A 68-page softcover book which contains all the rules you need to start play, such as attribute checks, combat, magic, psionics, chi, a selection of equipment from each genre, and nearly 40 monsters and foes.
? Three 20-page softcover adventures, one for each supported era of play: Dilemma & Decay (fantasy), Habits & Happenstance (modern), The Silence of Zephdon Station (sci-fi).
? 18 pregenerated character handouts.
? Three double-sided poster-sized battlemaps and more than 60 cardboard tokens, and a digital version of each for use with VTTs.
? Eight six-sided dice.


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