NameThe Straight Way Lost - Adventure & Sourcebook (5E)
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Save the City of Florence! Save Yourself! And maybe even save the World…

From a gruesome discovery at a social gathering to a journey full of peril and terror, The Straight Way Lost will put your characters to the test as they make their way through the horrors of Hell, the misery of Purgatory and the glory of Heaven to finally be able to confront the powers that threaten their beloved city of Florence.

Along the way, they will become embroiled in the maneuvers of the agents of Hell, get a glimpse of the machinations of the fae and learn at least some of the truth about how the world really works.

They can be members of the hidden peoples, plumb the secrets of the world as Philosophers or Artists with the power to reshape reality, or try to balance their responsibilities to home and family with their loyalties to their supernatural patrons as Warlocks bound to specific fiends, fae or titans. And of course, almost all of the established 5e classes can be played as well - plus a new Bard sub-class emblematic of Renaissance Italy: the Courtier.

The Straight Way Lost is a lavishly illustrated 400-page adventure, sourcebook and setting guide for Fifth Edition roleplaying in a fantastical Renaissance Italy inspired by that most renowned of Italian poems, Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia.

Extensive background chapters detail life in the Italian Renaissance, the worldview of its protagonists and the supernatural aspects unknown to most people, as well as extended character creation guidelines and group cohesion tools tailored to the setting.
- New Character Classes and a new Bard subclass
- New Species
- New Game Mechanics, Characteristics and Skills


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