NameGA100 Matte Art - Grand Archive - Merlin, Kingslayer limited Edition
EAN / ISBN5706569161132
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Beware the innocent front of the wily mage seated on the throne; she is nothing like what she seems. Sleeve your deck with Merlin Kingslayer from Grand Archive! Comes with 100 Standard size card sleeves for trading cards measuring up to 63x88 mm's (2½"x3½"). Great for TCGs like Grand Arcive, MTG, Pokémon, Lorcana & Flesh and Blood! Theme your TCG decks and express yourself with awesome high detail artworks! The same textured back as our regular matte sleeves with the shuffle feel you know and love. Experience the buttery smooth shuffle feel of Dragon Shield Mattes and play with peace of mind knowing your precious cards are safeguarded by Dragon Shields!


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