NameFortress Compact D6: Beige&Olive
EAN / ISBN5907699497379
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When the game calls, you’re prepared! Here’s something handy: the Fortress Compact D6, a pack of 20 dice divided into groups by distinctive color themes. One is beige with black engravings, and the other is olive with white. All the D6 share the size of 14mm in diameter and the design - the reinforced wall frame with the classic dots inside of it. Perfect for any game, anytime, anywhere!

? This product is a set of 20 polyhedrons of a D6 shape, divided evenly between 2 distinctive color themes.
? The dice are 14mm in diameter, slightly smaller than the most common size.
? The color themes of the dice are a beige background with black engravings, and an olive background with white engravings.
? The design shows classic dots enclosed in a frame of reinforced wall.
? The Fortress Compact D6: Beige & Olive is produced in Poland, EU


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