NameA Life Well Lived (5E)
ErscheinungsterminQ2 2024
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Discover who your characters are when they’re not dungeon-delving in this 5e supplement for the world’s most popular roleplaying game!

Explore what your adventurers get up to before, after, and in between dungeon crawling, from small moments of bonding around the campfire while crafting potions, to life events such as running a business, starting a family, and ultimately retiring… Until trouble comes knocking.

A Life Well Lived is a companion to Cubicle 7’s Uncharted Journeys, and forthcoming C7D20 titles. These lovingly crafted volumes combine to enrich all pillars of 5e gameplay, and give you the tools and advice you need to tailor your game to the specific tabletop experience your heart desires.

  • Discover who your character was before their adventuring days began, and how delving into dungeons and slaying dragons has changed them once they hang up their sword
    Create a sense of kinship with your party members, creating bonds that tie them together and preparing each other for the adventures ahead.
  • Take on activities in between adventures, from cooking hearty meals, to weaving entertaining tales for local villagers, to foraging for ingredients to concoct helpful potions and deadly poisons.
  • Discover what your characters get up to after their adventures are over: Rogues planning a meticulous heist, Nobles pressing the flesh at high society parties, Dragonborn returning to the clan to carry on the family line, and more!
  • Create characters who can provide backstory, benefits, and complications to your players' lives. Who helped you become the person you are today? Who aids your current plight against evil overlords? Who is waiting on your return from adventures epic and perilous?
  • Create your own base, a place your characters can return to after a fight to recuperate, relax, and prepare for the next adventure
  • Find out who really pulls the strings with the new patron system! Discover the benefits, the connections, the red tape, and the reputation that come with servitude to a person or organisation behind your next escapade!

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