NameWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Reikland Miscellanea
ErscheinungsterminQ2 2024
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Across the Reikland, grim and perilous adventures, unfathomable intrigues, secretive schemes, and unpredictable magic can be found around every corner. From mysterious statues to ominous shrines, odd buildings and even odder characters, Reikland Miscellanea collects some of the most interesting oddities of the Reikland and beyond.

To mark Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition’s fifth year of publication, we’ve gathered some of our most popular articles in one place. Each item was previously only available in a digital-only format, and this print collection deserves a place on any collector’s bookshelf.

Reikland Miscellanea collates the following titles in one convenient package! Whether you’re a veteran of the Reikland’s muddy roads and winding waterways or a pristine adventurer ready to get your boots muddy, there’s something here for everyone.

  • Patrons of the Old World I and II: A collection of eight fascinating Patrons, influential and driven NPCs with their own agendas, useful plot hooks, and a master plan that Characters throw their weight behind or struggle to prevent…
  • Buildings of the Reikland: A collection of buildings, each with detailed floor plans and intriguing details, suitable for dropping into any WFRP campaign.
  • One Shots of the Reikland: A selection of quick-fire adventures, each set in one of the locations from Buildings of the Reikland, and suitable for a single frantic session of play.
  • Monuments of the Reikland: Five fascinating monuments, each a well-known landmark, and each with its own, often sinister, secret.
  • Shrines of Sigmar: Five shrines to mighty Sigmar, the patron deity of the Empire. But all is not as it seems in these fascinating locations.
  • Sullasara’s Spells of Utmost Utility: The Elf Mage Sullasara hoped this book of spells for all eight winds of magic would be put to constructive use by the wizards of the Empire, who promptly found entirely different applications for her magic.
  • Blood and Bramble: Witch and Hedgewitch alike will find a wide array of spells to use in this fair and foul collection of magic. Also included are two intriguing and learned NPCs of somewhat dubious intent.


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