NameImperial Walls Low (2) PREPAINTED
EAN / ISBN5907652564568
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The Imperial Walls Low PREPAINTED set consists of two terrain pieces, dedicated for Warhammer 40000 and/or other sci-fi gaming systems.

Complementary with the Imperial Terrain Footprint 12x6" product, includes positioning bits to settle the wall on top of the footprint.

Single piece size:
Length: 24cm / 9in
Width: 14cm / 5in
Height: 13cm / 5,1in

This model is delivered as a pack, unassembled and PREPAINTED.
The parts of the model are designed to slot together in a way that enables a quick and easy assembly. It may be necessary to glue some parts of the model - use PVA (white) glue. Every model is cut from one or more panels of HDF (high-density fiberboard) of 3mm and/or 1,5mm thickness.

Attention: Before taking the elements out make sure they are fully cut. There are minor connections that prevent them from falling out. Parts are secured with a layer of protection paper, please remove it before assembly.

Miniatures not included, shown for scale only.

Made in Poland by Micro Art Studio


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