NameRuins of Symbaroum 5E - The World of Symbaroum (Camapign Module, Hardback)
EAN / ISBN9789189765412
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Welcome to a world of mystery and adventure, of clashing cultures and ideals, a world constantly under threat from the darkness of the Eternal Night. This book expands on the lore and setting information presented in the Ruins of Symbaroum Gamemaster’s Guide. It delves deep into the ancient history of the game world, and aside from general descriptions of people, places, and historical events, it provides the Gamemaster with lots of plot hooks and secrets, along with no less than seven detailed adventure landscapes centered around ruins in the forest of Davokar.


  • A player’s section, introducing the game world’s main settlements – Thistle Hold, Yndaros and Karvosti – in great detail.
  • An in-depth look at the main settlements’ history, memorable events, factions, conflicts, and establishments.
  • A Gamemaster’s section describing what hides beneath the surface, with 18 historical secrets and 34 plot hooks.
  • Seven adventure landscapes for characters of 5th to 10th level, complete with conflicts, events, maps, and colorful NPCs.
  • Note that this book requires access to the Ruins of Symbaroum Core Setting Books – the Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide and Bestiary.

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