NameSorcerer Kings: Efreet Flamecasters
EAN / ISBN5213009016667
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Split into countless small enclaves scattered across the vast expanse of the Ruby Shores, the Efreet have escaped the fate of the Ghols and retained their higher function. Strong, proud and vengeful, only their fractious nature has allowed the Sorcerer Kings to bow these powerful combatants to their will. Flamecasters excel at ranged support and disrupting the foe, while Sword Dancers wade into combat with a malicious glee that is terrifying to behold. How they Play: Malicious elemental beings, the Efreet embody the aggressive nature of the Court of Fire branding Enemy Regiments with Infernal Markers and extending the sorcerous prowess of Fire Spellcasters. Upon their deaths their souls feed the Sorcerous Rituals of Fire giving them one last chance to exact revenge. Make sure to include Efreet Flamecasters for some powerful short ranged support and Efreet Sword Dancers to form your Army's infernal battle lines!


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