NameNords: Savage (Officer)
EAN / ISBN5213009016834
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Those among the Nords who have awoken their ancestors' bloodlines are destined for greatness… should they seek it. Many are those who instead chose to make their home in the wild, honing their senses and skills, but saying out of the day to day grind of life in the north. These so-called Savages are the best guides, trackers and scouts money could buy if they were ever interested in material things. Personal vendettas, inherent bloodlust and eccentric personal goals often result in these recluses joining a raiding army for a while where their unique skills are put to great use. How they Play: Determined, bloodthirsty warriors, the Savages lay in ambush until it is time to lead their warriors into a frenzied surprise attack. Let your Regiment of Ulfhednar have one and sit back and let there be carnage!


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