NameSorcerer Kings: Conquest 5th Anniversary Supercharged Starter Set
article numberPBW6079
EAN / ISBN5213009017152
Release date05.04.2024
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A supercharged 1 player starter ready to play a game of First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings for Conquest's 8th Faction. This Sorcerer Kings set is loaded with a complete stand of 3 Efreet Brutes, 2 stands of Ghols and 2 stands of Rajakur, and the Raj character. Each starter set will have a well built First Blood army as well as a great beginning set to play a game of Last Argument of Kings. Included in this set are quick start guides for First Blood II and TLAOK II, along with all assembly instructions, a great path of Conquest guide, a 5th Anniversary Decal and Measuring Tool, an EA Paper Map and all necessary command cards, bases and stands. A great value for players, a substantial discount over the prices if purchased separately. How do the Sorcerer Kings play? Regiments of Elemental soldiers, spirits of Air and Fire along malevolent beasts of legend, the Sorcerer Kings bring a host of magical forces onto the battlefield. Yielding powerful elemental magic, powerful new Ritual rules and a wide magical arsenal. Each Spell and Ritual belongs to an Element and when these powerful magics are unleashed, Elemental forces of the same element are empowered, given a second wind and rejuvenated whilst also acting as powerful spellcasting conduits. As powerful and influential commanders the human element is not amissed in the faction. Professional and highly trained soldiers and archers, the best money can buy, along with fully armored Mahuts break enemy lines wide open, giving their elemental brethren a chance to seep through cracks in enemy formation and cause chaos. Read more about the Sorcerer Kings here -


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