NamePathfinder RPG: Pathfinder Monster Core (P2)
EAN / ISBN9781640785663
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Heroes are defined by their foes—from shambling skeletons to terrifying dragons, each enemy leaves a mark on their growing legend. Make your legends memorable with foes from the new Pathfinder Monster Core rulebook for Pathfinder Second Edition! This 376-page hardcover book is packed with a wide range of monsters useful to all Pathfinder campaigns, giving the Game Master plenty of threats to throw at their adventurers, at any level of experience. The lavishly illustrated tome also includes guidelines for reading monster entries and adjusting existing monsters to tailor fit your story! This is the definitive resource for Pathfinder Second Edition monsters!

Pathfinder Monster Core is the third core rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG! These rules are compatible with previous Pathfinder Second Edition rulebooks, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback. Along with the Player Core, GM Core, and Player Core 2, these books provide a new foundation for the future of tabletop gaming!


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