NameSorcerer Kings: Sorcerer Limtied Edition Preview Sculpt
EAN / ISBN5213009016469
ErscheinungsterminFriday, February 23, 2024
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For those among the gifted, there can be no greater accomplishment than to be named a Sorcerer by the Elemental Courts. Bonded to a Deva and capable of exploring their primordial Domain, Sorcerers have delved into secrets of sorcery their purely mortal counterparts can only dream of. Few and far between to begin with, these extended sojourns into the Elemental Domains, and their inherent dangers make Sorcerers rare upon the battle_x001F_fields of Ea, but when present, they make their presence known through howling blasts and ritual sorcery, dominating the battlefield while safely protected by their loving subjects. How they Play: The Sorcerer is a mighty Spellcaster, able to control entire Warbands of powerful Elemental troops and support them with poweful magic. Like all Sorcerer Kings' Characters the Sorcerer is able to choose between spells from the court of Air or Fire which will in turn provide Mainstay Regiments of that Element. Like all Character Stands in the Army, Sorcerers have access to Spells and Rituals unique to them putting heavy emphasis on synergies between the Spellcaster and the Elemental Regiments of the same Element. The Sorcerer is a perfect fit for the Player who enjoys entire Warbands of Elemental troops doubling down on the inherent aggressiveness of these troops.


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