NameFragged Empire 2nd Edition: Setting Guide
EAN / ISBN9780994609823
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Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi roleplaying game where your people are returning to space following a century of hiding in the aftermath of a galactic war. It's a universe that leans heavily into themes of cultural tension and exploration, with a dash of transhumanism, nation-building, and a hope for a better future. Inspirations for Fragged Empire include Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Farscape, the Millennium Falcon scenes from Star Wars, and a little of The Expanse.

This is the 2nd edition of Fragged Empire and it has improved on the 1st edition in every way! The 2nd edition rules are slimmer and more intuitive than 1st edition while also increasing the depth of your options. The lore has expanded beyond the Haven system, pre-Great War history is explored along with the key features that make the Fragged universe so interesting: its various species and their cultures.

The 204-page, full colour, hardcover Setting Guide contains:

  • Essential information on the Fragged Empire setting.
  • An overview of the setting’s history, technology, species, cultures, and systems.
  • Deep dives into the lore of the eight core playable species: the Corporation (Vargarti), Kaltoran, Legion, Nephilim, Palantor, Remnant (Ursai), Twi-Far and Zhou.
  • A fully fleshed-out exploration of the primary, highly populated Haven star system.
  • An overview of several other systems and sectors.

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