NameDreams And Machines: Collectors Slipcase Edition
EAN / ISBN9781802810882
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The Dreams and Machines collector’s edition slipcase set is a beautifully illustrated hardbound slipcase containing the Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide, and a poster-sized map of the Regis-Kasteel region around New Mossgrove. This unique set has all thAn exclusive illustration of Kari and Abe wrapping the slipcase, with embossed and varnished elements.The Player's Guide hardback book, containing core rules, character creation, and the history of Evera Prime.The Gamemaster's Guide hardback book, with a detailed guide to Evera Prime, GM guidance, and a host of challenging NPCs.An exclusive poster-sized version of the Regis-Kasteel region map, for your group to explore and discover.


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