NameSpires: Siege Breaker Behemoth
EAN / ISBN5213009015226
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A premium plastic monster kit. No creations of the Spire embody both the Directorates pursuits of efficiency and the Sovereigns quest for perfection as does the Siegebreaker Behemoth. Its limbs are designed to dig, climb and still strike with such force it cavitates the very air, producing a thunderous boom that dwarfs the sound of its impact, shredding metal, pulverizing stone and obliterating flesh. Its sinuous serpentine body is almost nothing but muscle and armour, sacrificing everything for power, mobility and durability. Its nervous system is a complex mix of simple systems that govern its movement and complex self-referencing pain and pleasure receptors attuned only to its hearing. This is intentional, for its control is established by frequencies known only to its master, who dispenses pain or pleasure ensuring the compliance and good behaviour of this unstoppable behemoth. HOW THEY PLAY: The Spires design their creations for specific tasks, and this mighty behemoth lives up to its name: it breaks sieges. With a few, yet extraordinarily powerful attacks, the Siegebreaker dismisses any attempt at defense or protection from its assaults. When enemies establish robust defensive lines, these behemoths effortlessly shatter them.


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