NameDoctor Who: The Roleplaying Game The Thirteenth Doctor Sourcebook
ErscheinungsterminQ1 2024
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This Sourcebook chronicles all of the Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures, not only on Earth with her new-found ‘fam’, but across the stars as new revelations are revealed that can destroy the very fabric of the Universe. Featuring details of all of the Doctor’s allies, enemies, aliens, and gadgets, this Sourcebook contains everything the Gamemaster could need for
Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game, as well as being an informative resource for fans of the show. 

As the Doctor finds herself hurtling to Earth after her regeneration, she makes new friends that’ll accompany her on brand new adventures — discovering a mysterious past with the secretive Division, uncovering the plans of a new incarnation of the Master, trying to halt the relentless destruction of the Flux, to finding an incarnation of herself she didn’t know even existed.

It’ll be frantic, exciting, and may shake what you believe down to the core — but whatever happens it’ll be brilliant!

The Thirteenth Doctor Sourcebook contains: 

  • Summaries of all of the Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures, from her fall to Earth, to her confrontation with the Master-Doctor, and how to run these adventures in your game.
  • A detailed look at how the stories are connected, and plenty of ideas for Gamemasters to create new adventures.
  • Stats for the Thirteenth Doctor and her extended ‘fam’, from Karvanista, to Abby, Shawna, and Cleo.


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