NameDoctor Who: Stitch in Time
EAN / ISBN9781913569143
ErscheinungsterminQ1 2024
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From an alien incursion at a holiday camp in England, to a secret after-hours sale at the galaxy’s largest department store, the Doctor’s adventures can take them to the strangest of places. Sometimes, however, it feels like the TARDIS has a mind of its own, taking the Doctor just where they need to be. Surely these recent adventures cannot be connected, can they?

A Stitch in Time provides Gamemasters with a complete series of their own — ten episodes to play over ten weeks, each building to an epic finale that connects them all. 

The ten adventures provided can be played in any order (except the explosive series finale), each offering potential sequels and continuations for an even more expansive campaign.

Will the characters find everything they need to save the planet Nhein?


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