NameWFRP: Lustria Collector's Edition
EAN / ISBN9781913569990
ErscheinungsterminQ1 2024
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The Lustria Collector’s Edition comes wrapped in faux leather cover textured like the scales of a huge reptilian beast and coloured in the cool teal associated strongly with the Lizardmen. Embossed details picked out in gold foil and dramatic dark green details illustrate a decoration associated with the Solar Engines of the Old One Chotek. The spine of the book is rounded with raised hubs, and the paper edges are edged in gold, giving the impression of a prized tome that may contain the notes of an adventurer to the hostilecontinent of Lustria.


Far from the shores of the Old World, across the Great Ocean, is the mysterious continent of Lustria. Tales tell of troves of golden treasure and repositories of arcane lore ready for the taking by those bold enough to risk it. Each week it seems that another ship full of hopeful adventurers departs to this new world on a voyage of exploration.

But those who make landfall on the shores of Lustria find themselves in an environment that is wholly inimical to warm-blooded life. The jungles seethe with venomous snakes, carnivorous lizards, poisonous flora, and deadly disease. The few precarious settlements that cling to the coast arouse the ire of Lustria’s oldest inhabitants, the Lizardmen, who sally forth from their temple-cities to destroy all who encroach on their territory.

This book contains all players and GMs of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay need to set their adventures in the mysterious continent of Lustria. The book contains articles on:

  • The history of Lustria, from the coming of the enigmatic Old Ones and the height of Lizardman civilization, to the present day, when the plans of the Old Ones are disputed by those who seek to carry them out, and younger warm-blooded species seek to rob Lustria of its wealth.

  • The great temple-city of Tlaxtlan, home to a multitude of Lizardmen and centre of devotions to the impassive and unshakeable Old One Tlazcotl.

  • The ruined temple-city of Quetza, an old lair of the Skaven of Clan Pestilens that houses many terrible secrets and brooding plagues.

  • Skeggi, a Norse foothold of raiders and traders to the north of Lustria where adventurers may get rich quick, but more likely die trying.

  • The Citadel of Dawn, a High Elf fortress and port on the southern cape, threatened by the ambitions of the notorious Dark Elf corsair Lokhir Fellheart.

  • The Vampire Coast, a marshy morass of mangrove swamp within which Arch-Commodore Luthor Harkon holds his court of the undead and plots to expand his realm.
  • Great new rules for explorer careers, founding and managing a settlement, Lizardmen of several different species, events and endeavours, parasitic diseases, monstrous creatures of the Lustrian jungle, and fully playable Skink Characters.


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