NameWB100 Brushed Art - Superman Series No. 2
EAN / ISBN5706569160968
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Legendary Supergirl powers through the skies on the Brushed Art sleeves from the Superman TCG accessories series. The incredible artwork blends Western and Eastern art styles and brings Supergirl to life on your deck.

Brushed Art sleeves have a lightly textured back, giving you a silky-smooth shuffle feel.
The printing method protects the sleeve artwork from peeling and splitting, and the standard size is perfectly suited for Dragon Shield Outer Sleeves.
The sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ single sleeved cards or 65+ double-sleeved cards.
Every box has a label at the top of the box for personalization.
Great card sleeves for TCGs like MTG, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood or Digimon!


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