NameDS60J Matte - Player's Choice: Aurora
EAN / ISBN5706569111588
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The flickering lights of the aurora sky reflected on the fledgling dragon. Suntos the Moonborn swayed in its watery home, dancing to the colorful view above as its moongem armor slowly developed.

In its second installment, the Player's Choice sleeve features the color Aurora. Both color and artwork were voted for by the Dragon Shield online community. Zaralynn, the artist, is a Spain-based illustrator whose passion for TCG and roleplay inspire her original characters.

Matte sleeves, a tactile delight. Durable sleeves with a textured backing for a great hand feel and buttery smooth shuffle feel. Experience the popular feel of Dragon Shield Mattes!

Japanese size card sleeves for cards measuring up to 59x86 mm (2-5/16"x3-3/8"). Great for TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight! Vanguard.
The sturdy cardboard box fits 40+ single sleeved cards or 35+ double sleeved cards.


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