NameDice Charger
EAN / ISBN5907699495405
ErscheinungsterminJuli 2023
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Dice Charger 2.0

Shiny! Tired of losing the immersion in your games due to barely being able to see the dice roll results? Enough of that already! Place your dice in this cup, give it a shake, and enjoy their glow even in the darkness!

Introducing the Dice Charger, an innovative prop that elevates your rolls to a new level. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the cup charges the dice with powerful UV light, enabling them to emit a bright glow. It’s compatible with all glow-in-the-dark dice.

We've enhanced this Kickstarter hit even further to serve you during your immersive sessions. The dice will charge faster and glow much longer, all for your leisure and fun!

  • A new version — Dice Charger 2.0 enables quick charging of fluorescent dice of any type, prolonging their light substantially.
  • More at once — This cup, consisting of a body and a lid with an electronic insert. A screwdriver is included in the box. 3 LR3’s batteries needed additionally.
  • Style and durability — Crafted from genuine white-dyed leather, stitched with durable strings. Can accommodate up to 35 standard-sized dice.
  • Familiar design — The body and lid of the Dice Charger feature embossings reminiscent of vintage electronics, like the design of our "Digital" G?owing Dice Set.
  • From Poland with love — The Dice Charger 2.0 is designed and produced by Q WORKSHOP in Poland, EU.

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