NameDS60J Brushed Art - Halloween 2023
EAN / ISBN5706569126209
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Perched on the cliff above the town, the massive weredragon tosses back its head and lets a ferocious howl echo through the night. Its companion, barely more than a winged cub, follows suit and howls shrilly. The 2023 Halloween Art Sleeves feature stunning artwork by Robson Michel. All designs for our Brushed Art sleeves are printed directly onto the sleeve and do not peel or split. The sleeves have a lightly textured back, ensuring a smooth shuffle experience. Each cardboard box contains 60 sleeves and can be used to store 45+ single-sleeved cards, or 35+ double-sleeved cards. Personalize your boxes using the label field on the top. Great sleeves for Yu-Gi-Oh!


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