NameWadrhun: Tontorr
EAN / ISBN5213009015752
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Tontorrs are amongst the largest beasts that the W’adrhun have managed to tame. Normally used as beasts of burden and to aid construction, when a tribe ceases raiding and mobilizes for war, the Tontorrs are often in the vanguard. of a Tontorr make it a terrifying foe on the battlefield despite their docile nature. It speaks volumes to the skill and determination of the W’adrhun Speakers that these docile beasts can be such terrifying foes, the sheer size and bulk of these beasts meaning they do not so much fight as simply walk over their foes. How they Play: A colossal beast capable of smashing through even the most disciplined of troops, inflicting untold damage by simply trampling over anyone who is foolish to stand before it. The Tontorr gives a simple choice to any opponents, move or be moved.


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