NameWadrhun: Drum Beast
EAN / ISBN5213009015769
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The W’adrhun are a deeply musical people, so it comes as little surprise that the beating heart of any Tribe’s encampment is the large ritual drums and horns born on the back of a particularly docile and placid Tontorr. When the tribe marches to War, it does so to the clarion call of its massive horns and the relentless beating of its drums, the motivational power of this music pushing those W’adrhun who fight under its influence to unprecedented heights of courage and violence. How they Play: Nothing says W'adrhun like Battlecries and lumbering beasts! The Drum Beast acts as a focal point for the faction's Chanting the Battlecry rule by manipulating battlecries, allowing a player to time them better and accelerate the rate in which Chant sequences are built.


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