NameCity States: Dorilates (Officer)
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Hoplites know that the difference between victory and defeat lies with the strength of the Phalanx and focus their efforts on the integrity of its shield wall. The canniest veterans among the Hoplites know that pure defense will see a phalanx buckle under uncontested enemy pressure, thus they turn their eyes to the Dorilates, the spear masters among their number, to set the tempo and angle of their thrusts, complimenting the sheer defensive power of the Phalanx with increased aggression. How they Play: A veteran Hoplite, the Dorilates trains and coordinates the shield wall/pike formation. When the Regiment clashes with the enemy formation, the Hoplites/Phalangites unleash a rapid barrage of spear/pike thrusts forcing enemy soldiers to cower, keep their heads down and ultimately force them into exposing weaknesses in their formation.


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