NameDS100 Dual Matte - Valor
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In valor we act.
The opening line of the Rowanite Creed. Rowanites spend aeons in dusty libraries, studying the multitude of valorous acts performed by knights of old.

Sling spells with Dual Matte sleeves, fresh out the forge.
Inside Dual Matte sleeves you will discover a fully opaque, black interior which brings an elegant backdrop to black bordered cards. Make your card art POP with Dual Mattes!

With a slightly less textured back compared our regular Matte sleeves, Dual Matte sleeves maintain a great hand feel and shuffle like a dream.
100 standard size sleeves

  • Matte texture
  • Black Interior
  • Fully Opaque

Great sleeves for TCGs like MTG, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood and Digimon!


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