NameBakunin Observance Bundle
article numberINFBundleApr23
EAN / ISBNBakuninObservanceBundle
Release date28.04.2023
On-sale date28.04.2023
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Don't miss the unique opportunity to get everything you want and also receive the miniature of Cassandra Kusanagi Event Exclusive Edition for free with it. Buy it now and feel the thrill of owning something really special!

What is included in the Bundle?

  • Bakunin Observance Action Pack
    • 1x Reverend Moira with HMG.
    • 1x Reverend Moira with MULTI Sniper.
    • 1x Reverend Healer Doctor with Boarding Shotgun.
    • 1x Reverend Custodier Hacker with Combi Rifle and Pitcher.
    • 1x Sin-Eater with MULTI Sniper.
    • 1x Orphans of the Observance Engineer.
    • 1x Reverend Cenobite with Chain Rifle.
    • 1x Reverend Cenobite with Heavy Rocket Launcher.
    • 1x Penitent Observant with Red Fury (thermoplastic).
  • Dire Foes Mission Pack 12: Troubled Theft
    • 1x Mother Healer Agatha Wabara with Vulkan Shotgun
    • 1x Indigo Brother Konstantinos with Combi Rifle
    • 1x Outlaw AI Robin Hook
  • Cassandra Kusanagi Event Exclusive Edition (FREE)


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