NameSpeedpaint 2.0 Rack
article numberTAPWP8800
EAN / ISBN5713799880009
Release date10.06.2023
On-sale date10.06.2023
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Never before has the notion of Getting More Time for Gaming allowed for so many options! With the new extended range of Speedpaints, we introduce a brand new rack. Half the size of our normal racks, and with a metal base that makes it sturdy when standing on your counter, this FSDU is the perfect option for retail stores of any size.

Rack System with Bottle propulsion system
4 of each Speedpaints™ (90 slots)

5 Boxed Paint Sets:
3 Starter Set 2.0 (6 slots)
2 Most Wanted Paint Set 2.0 (3 slots)
6 bottles of 100ml Speedpaint Medium (5 slots)
In-store Display Stand


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