NameThe Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms - Chapter 3 Card Pack - Dawnguard
EAN / ISBN9781802810783
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Dawnguard is the third expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It includes cards for all the miniatures sets in chapter 3, including Dawnguard, Vampires, Bandits, Spriggans, and Adventurers. Additional Battle Mode and Delve Quests and Events and Traps expand the narrative adventure game. New upgrades for Weapons, Spells, Enchantments and Items allow you to customise your Heroes. Also included are rules for the new Vampire Powers and Blood Magic, as well as Faction Rules and AI matrix for Volkihar Vampires and Dawnguard. Also included are cards for The Elder Scrolls: Online miniatures sets, and Hold Guards faction featured in Histories of the Empire Volume 1: The Stormcloak Rebellion. This pack contains 244 punch-out cards containing new Heroes, Followers, Adversaries, Upgrades, Quests, Traps, Events and more to use the new models in Chapter 3 and customize their The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures.


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