NameWFRP: Salzenmund: City of Salt and Silver
EAN / ISBN9781913569648
ErscheinungsterminQ1 2023
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Whilst the chaos of the Turmoil subsides, an invigorated Empire seeks to leave civil strife behind and look towards the future. All eyes turn to Salzenmund in hope that it may provide opportunity and secure the Empire’s coastline. It is a city of significant riches, for the nearby Silver Hills are abundant in precious metal and trade flows in from the Sea of Claws to the north. Cosmopolitan and vibrant, the cults of Sigmar, Manann and Ulric flourish here in relative harmony.

Salzenmund promises opportunity and excitement to adventurous souls. Explorers depart from the city to trade with fur-clad Norscans or brave the wide sea to Lustria. But the ruling Gausser family, newly installed and ambitious, threaten the stability of the Empire. The head of the family talks of a reconquest of the Wasteland and defiance of their old masters in Middenheim. In the taverns by the docks, vicious and crooked folk conspire in smuggling and piracy. Worse still, the honeyed whispers of forbidden cults entice the truly desperate into the worship of Chaos.

Salzenmund contains:

  • A guide to the history of this important port in the Empire’s north.
  • The makeup of Salzenmund’s government and their intrigues.
  • A detailed look at the most important locations and landmarks in the city.
  • Mysteries of Salzenmund, including a council of ghostly past rulers and an entity thought to be made of pure Chamon.
  • Details of how to manage smuggling operations and mining concerns in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
  • Articles on the mysterious Spites that haunt the forests of Nordland, and the Goblins who infest abandoned mines and tunnels.
  • Player options for Characters from the city and surrounding region.

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