NameHundred Kingdoms: Errant of the Order of the Shield (Officer)
EAN / ISBN5213009014076
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During the early reign of the Hundred Kingdoms, the Order of the Shield took it upon itself to protect man from its most dangerous predators. Eschewing the combat formations of their predecessors, the Order of the Shield traveled the lands alone and sought to alleviate suffering where they could. The Emperor elevated their Order to the rank of Imperial Magistrates, allowing the Errant Knights of the Shield to work as judge, jury and executioner against all but the most powerful of noble houses. This did not endear them to the nobility, and when the last Emperor died one of their first moves was to seek out and destroy any members of this ancient order. Today they are few and far in between but continue their thankless task of protecting the citizens and peasants of the 100 Kingdoms against all those who would prey upon them, especially the nobility itself.


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