NameOld Dominion: Karyatids (pronounced "care-a-tids")
EAN / ISBN5213009014441
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While Hazlia’s Fall and subsequent annihilation of the population of Capitas infused the very stones of Capitas with his power, nowhere was this more evident than in his greatest temples. Here the very blood of Hazlia oozed from the walls, infusing his holiest icons and statuary with a dark parody of life. The beautiful Karyatids that once ringed the great temple’s temenoi have come to life and, in a grotesque parody of their ritual purpose, now hunt down all interlopers in their god’s domain. Only the most zealous and dedicated of Hazlia’s servants can hope to bind these unholy creations in common purpose to unleash their horror upon the battlefield, where missiles creatide of divine blood and sheer spite make a mockery of mortal armor and flesh.


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