NameWARMACHINE: MKIV – Cygnar Storm Legion Core Army Starter
article numberPIP21000
EAN / ISBN875582029066
Release date28.10.2022
On-sale date28.10.2022
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Unleash the power of the elements with the Cygnar Storm Legion! This Core Army Starter includes all the models a player needs to play a 50-point game of WARMACHINE. The set contains the potent battlegroup-focused warcaster, Captain Athena di Baro, two customizable warjacks (each with a suite of weapon and head options), two light infantry units with a command attachment for each, a Tempest Thunderers heavy infantry unit, an Arcane Mechaniks support unit, and a Legionnaire Officer solo. Experience the next generation of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms with Cygnar’s most technologically advanced force yet!


1 Captain Athena di Baro Warcaster
1 Courser Light Warjack
(4x Head 8x Arm/Weapon options)
1 Stryker Heavy Warjack
(4x Head 8x Arm/Weapon options)
1 Stormblade Legionnaires Unit (5 models)
1 Stormguard Legionnaires Unit (5 models)
2 Legionnaire Standard Bearer
1 Tempest Thunderers Unit (3 models)
1 Arcane Mechaniks Unit (3 models)
1 Legionnaire Officer Solo
30 Magnets


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