NameUP - Dice Scroll Map - Sword Coast for Dungeons & Dragons
EAN / ISBN074427193607
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The D&D Dice Scroll Map -Sword Coast offers premium dice storage and functions as a dice rolling mat. This Sword Coast Map, illustrated by Devin Rue, is made with a durable Burgundy Red leatherette exterior and a cream colored backing for the map on the rolling surface with D&D ampersands on each end. This soft roll-out mat will safely store your dice and protect your table. The zippered compartment holds 20+ dice. The rolling mat rolls around the zippered compartment and is secured shut with a single tie to look like an ancient leather-bound scroll.

-Combination dice storage and rolling mat

-Sword Coast Map illustrated by Devin Rue featured on the rolling surface

-Burgundy Red Leatherette exterior with cream colored backing with D&D ampersands on each end of scroll

-Zippered pouch holds 20+ RPG dice

-Secure single tie strap closure keeps the rolling mat closed when not in use


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