NameMegaton Mashup 2: King of the Khans – Monsterpocalypse Expansion (metal/resin)
EAN / ISBN875582028908
ErscheinungsterminAugust 2022
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The chaos of the Monsterpocalypse only expands as already gigantic monsters get even bigger and threaten the world in a Khan-test of good against evil. When Cyber Khan and Terra Khan suddenly surge in power and aggression, the newly christened Ultra Cyber Khan and Magma Khan each pose a greater threat to our planet than ever before. You’ll need to forge new alliances if these two nightmares are to be taken down, but beware—on a crowded battlefield, rapid resources can be wild to manage, traps await the careless, and the total tonnage of allies you choose to bring to bear can take the Monsterpocalypse to new levels of Khan-flicts!


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