NameDS100 Matte Art - Chane - Flesh and Blood
EAN / ISBN5706569160425
ErscheinungsterminApril 2022
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Bind your deck in shadow and reap souls with Chane to feed Ursur! Clear front and Chane artwork by Frederico Musetti on a matte back.

Dragon Shield Matte Art Sleeves have artwork which is printed directly onto the sleeve and do not peel or split. Matte Art sleeves combine the textured Matte back with stunning artwork while maintaining excellent handling capabilities. A perfect mix of durability and shuffle-ability.

Each pack comes with 100 sleeves, more than enough for your Classic Constructed deck. The sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ single sleeved cards or 65+ double sleeved cards, perfect for storing a blitz deck. Every box has a label at the top of the box for personalization.

Flesh and Blood logos and images ©Legend Story Studios. Licensed for use by Arcane Tinmen.


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