NameAir Grey Primer, 100 ml
EAN / ISBN5713799201064
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Airbrush Primers

The Warpaints™ Air Primer range are high-quality water-based acrylic surface primers for airbrush use. Formulated to ensure a smooth and even coat when applied through an airbrush, these primers creates the perfect foundation in any painting project. The filtered pigment sustained in an ultra-matt resin medium ensure that every detail of your miniatures are retained.
Available in three finishes from matt to gloss – Airbrush Cleaner comes in a spill-proof 100 ml./3.3 fl.oz. dropper bottle for easy dosage into the airbrush well.

High-quality acrylic surface primer
Ready to use consistency for your airbrush
Prime your miniatures in-doors
Fine pigments retain every detail
Ultra-matt finish


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