NameAirbrush Cleaner, 100 ml
EAN / ISBN5713799200203
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Airbrush Cleaner

The Army Painter Airbrush Cleaner is a non-toxic, water-based cleaning product specially formulated to remove any acrylic paint residue from hard-to-reach areas of your airbrush. The Airbrush Cleaner ensures optimal long term performance of your airbrush.

Cleaning your airbrush
Pour Airbrush Cleaner in to the well of the airbrush. Scrub the well with an old brush and empty it. Add a small amount of Airbrush Cleaner and spray through the Airbrush. Rinse the well with water and spray to remove excess cleaner.

Clean and care for your airbrush
Avoid clogs in your airbrush
Specially formulated to be used with our high-quality Warpaints™ Air
Removes any brand of acrylic paints
Non-toxic and water-based


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