NameWarpaints Air Complete Set
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The Warpaints™ Air Complete Paint Set includes all 126 colours from The Army Painter airbrush range. Inside you will find virtually every colour you will ever need to airbrush any miniature or army - no matter the size or genre. You’ll get a diverse palette ranging from crisp acrylics and shimmering
metallics to vibrant fluo paints. The Warpaints Air paints feature ultrafiltered pigments and are pre-thinned, making them ready-to-use right out of the bottle.

Warpaints Air paints are extremely easy to use thanks to the unique Colour Triad System based on 34 of our regular Warpaints colours and a corresponding Base and Highlight colour. This makes zenithal highlighting and shading a breeze and army painting even faster and more cohesive.

126 x 18 ml Warpaints Air
6 x 18 ml Warpaints Air Fluo
18 x 18 ml Warpaints Air Metallic


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