NameWarpaints Air Starter Set
EAN / ISBN5713799800182
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The Warpaints Air Starter Set is a fantastic way to start your collection of Airbrush colours. With a chosen starter palette of some of the most useable and crisp colour tones for airbrushing, the set allows you to get started from the moment it is unboxed.

The paints are of unparalleled quality due to the nature of the high coverage offered by the specially chosen and ultra-filtered vibrant pigments. This, combined with a very stable and matchless resin solution, is paint science at its best!"

- Ultra-filtered airbrush formulated paints
- 12 High coverage Warpaints Air colours
- 100ml Warpaints Air Primer
- Mixing Balls pre-loaded in every 18ml bottle
- Great jumping off point for any airbrush


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