NameMy Very First Set. Magic Journey.
EAN / ISBN5907699496235
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The journey begins… Behold the ultimate tool to direct the imagination of the “small people” to the big world full of adventures! My Very First Set is an adorable, multi-colored set of dice: each polyhedron has a different background color, and a different fairytale character depicts the highest face. The painting color is silver, mesmerizingly catching the eyes of the young players.

  • This set consists of 7 polyhedrons: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 (percentile).
  • This dice set has a different background color for each die: pastel peach for D4, pastel mint for D6, yellow for D8, white for D10, pastel blue for D12, pastel violet for D20, and powder pink for D00.
  • Within the whole set different characters depict the highest faces: a Unicorn, a Fairy, a Knight, a Dragon, a Witch, a Cat in Boots, and a Frog.
  • The painting color for all the dice in the set is silver.

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