NameBlack Void: Into the Oblivious Depths
EAN / ISBN9788793781108
ErscheinungsterminJuli 2021
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"Welcome to the Tadh Consortium, a Ka’Alum faction dedicated to launching Void-traversing expeditions to discover and explore new worlds. You and your compatriots have been hired as part of an expeditionary crew to travel the Void, investigating uncharted worlds to find a prospective home for humankind. Guided by a charter based on rumours and fragmented reports of paradisial worlds you prepare to voyage into the oblivious depths abord the Void Vessel “The Sentinel”. You have all heard the fireside stories about the horrors awaiting unprepared Voidfarers. Still, the rewards of this venture and the chance to bring hope to humanity are certain to be worth the risk… While your travels may indeed be perilous, the clandestine, callous, and neferious scheming occuring behind the scenes may well be the greatest threat you have to face."


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