NameConan the King
article numberMUH050386
EAN / ISBN9781912200092
Release date06.07.2021
On-sale date06.07.2021
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"Welcome to the Throne! WHEN I WAS A FIGHTING-MAN, THE KETTLE-DRUMS THEY BEAT, THE PEOPLE SCATTERED GOLD-DUST BEFORE MY HORSE’S FEET; BUT NOW I AM A GREAT KING, THE PEOPLE HOUND MY TRACKWITH POISON IN MY WINE-CUP, AND DAGGERS AT MY BACK Just as Conan’s ultimate destiny was to claim the throne of Aquilonia, the crown jewel of the Hyborian civilizations, Conan the King is the ultimate sourcebook to those kingdoms and the most dangerous battlefield of all: that of the court. With the guidelines contained within this book, players may fight to earn thrones of their own… or die trying."


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