NameInfinity: Tohaa Supplement
EAN / ISBN9781912200481
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"This is the Tohaa Trinomial, the most noble empire in existence! Welcome, friend. Everything we do, we do to reach Exaltation. Anything else is unimportant!

We are the children of Unification, standing together and sailing through the stars, colonising planets and bringing their wealth of knowledge to the less sophisticated. Sharing our knowledge where possible and destroying those who would oppose it. Centuries of exploration and a constant thirst for knowledge have made the Tohaa the greatest civilisation in the galaxy, sailing across the galaxy in vast Errant Fleets searching for life and knowledge, using their astounding understanding of biotechnology to touch and influence native species with enough potential to help them in their endeavour to share in the secrets of the universe. Terraforming and life hacking are some of the gifts the Tohaa bring those deserving them. Highly adaptative and extremely intelligent, they coldly study and evaluate each race they encounter, gauging their potential for Exaltation, the process in which they will become an auxiliar species for the Tohaa’s plans."


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