NameTorg Eternity - Blood on the Blasted Lands Adventure
EAN / ISBN9783963314575
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Blood on the Blasted Lands is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming. A desperate rescue mission reveals a gathering threat in the Blasted Lands, an army of juiced-up warriors who, if left unchecked, could upend the balance of power in the realm forever.

Who is creating these things, and how can one stop the unstoppable? Track the origins of the deadly Ravagers through war-torn cities, murderous wasteland highways, the nightmarish nodes of Kur, and even the irradiated ruins of Chernobyl, as powerful factions compete to stop you… or earn your favor.

• A massive Seven Act adventure that crosses the different regions of Tharkold.
• Align with Jezrael or Volkov to prevent Thratchen’s rise to power.
• New foes to face and allies to win over!


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