NameDweghom: Tempered Steelshaper
EAN / ISBN5213009010337
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The eldest and most accomplished of Sorcerers are amongst the few living creatures that regularly interact with the Steelshapers. They are also among the few who can see past the awe they inspire and truly grasp the changes this final transformation brings. On the surface, it becomes impossible to tell where their armor begins and where their flesh ends. Their voices echo hollow and their eyes stare expressionless. They clearly possess a terrifying genius and an unparalleled mental capacity, which they fixate relentlessly on problems about one of their alien interests or an experimental project, to which they ceaselessly devote themselves. Their power itself is entirely alien, different in both invocation and effect from the raw elemental might they wove before. Still, it is none of those things that bring fear to the elder Sorcerers. It is not even the sheer, daunting weight of responsibility that hangs from Steelshaper shoulders, as almost all the functions within a Dweghom Hold and all the works of the Temple Forge depend on their unipue and brilliant innovations, a weight they seem to bare seamlessly with borderline indifference. It is simply that the Elders fear these beings are no longer Dweghom. While none argue with their effectiveness on the battlefield, few can understand the sorceries they bring to bear. Those who can grasp the faintest edges of the power a Steelshaper possesses would be rightfully puzzled by the notion that an army containing one might be defeated or even challenged, for their control over metal is total. Those who have questioned a Steelshaper on this issue invariable receive the same, flat and unexplained answer: Balance is needed.


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