NameHermit of Henge Hold – Mercenary Solo (metal)
EAN / ISBN875582025419
ErscheinungsterminFebruar 2020
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1 Hermit of Henge Hold
6 blisters per case

A mad Iosan prophet, the Hermit of Henge Hold is beset by visions of possible futures, many of them laced with horror and imminent destruction. The truth he perceives is invaluable to every denizen of the Iron Kingdoms—included the invading Infernals. Whom and why he serves are secrets only he is privy to, though it is possible he doesn't even understand why. For now, he is committed to no one but serves as a messenger to everyone. Originally available only in the Oblivion boxed set, the Hermit of Henge Hold is now easier to add to any player’s army—regardless of Faction. The Hermit’s versatility in both offense and defense makes him a vital addition to any army, even the dreaded Infernals.


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